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Surviving the Loss of a Child
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Lora Sings

Lora was a member of the MVNC Collegian Chorale and had successfully auditioned to join the college's music ministry quartet, "Assurance."

She was scheduled to travel extensively the summer of '99 ministering at youth church camps and various churches throughout the states of Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. This had been her personal dream since her little girl years, as she sat enraptured by our church denomination's travelling college choir.

Her incredible singing voice reached down deep inside those she ministered to, healing hurts as she shared the love of Jesus. She refused to "perform," saying God had given her her singing voice to use for His glory, not hers.

Here are a few audio recordings of Lora's singing. Click the Lyrics button to see the words.

Beauty for Ashes


Go Light Your World


I'm so Glad that Jesus Lifted Me


Not Too Far from Here