lora beth hernandez
Surviving the Loss of a Child
Our Lora Beth

Hallmarks of Lora's Life

She knew how to forgive from the heart, without holding a grudge.

Once she came "into her own" as a Christian, she embodied the Commandment in Scripture, "Honor your father and mother" in all that she said and did. In an age where rebellion is the norm, this ability to love us unconditionally and show us honor is one thing Tony and I dearly miss.

She saw the "invisible" people all around her, and reached out to include them in her world.

She was spontaneous, full of good, clean fun and deep belly laughs.

She could be a real "airhead" yet always was the first to laugh at herself (once she figured out the joke, that is!)

She was generous and giving, of her time, her talents, her love, and her resources.