lora beth hernandez
Surviving the Loss of a Child
Our Lora Beth

You'll Find Me There

Karen O'Connor 12/3/99, inspired by our Lora.

If ever you have sensed me near,
Yet doubted it could be,
Thinking it impossible,
That rainbow might be me.

See, I'm the whisper of the wind,
I didn't ever leave,
In fact, my presence emanates,
If you will just believe!

That song that resonates your mind
Is one I sing for you,
Oh Mommy, please, rely on faith,
There's so much I can do.

At times you loathe the days that rain,
In anguish you lament;
It seems the sun but dimly shines,
The flowers have no scent.

Now Daddy, it's okay to cry,
I've watched you hold it in,
Please know that I adore you so,
We'll all be joined again.

And as you hold my Mommy's hand,
And share this grief you bear,
Just picture me, gaze in her eyes,
I swear, you'll find me there!


Marcie Joy Rice, fellow Collegian

Our God placed you here
with ministry in store
But what you gave to us
was ever so much more.
You shared your talents and your voice:
beautiful, clear, and strong.
Best of all, you always brought
your genuine smile along.
As your friends and family,
it is you we long to see.
But, rest assured, you have been lifted,
and you are watching us,
gazing down from your heavenly Abba's knee.
Whether your death is right or fair
is not for us to say.
But praise the Lord Jesus Christ,
we know we will see you again..someday.

If We Could See Her Now

Bonnie M. Diehl, volleyball team-mate

If only we could see her face
Now that she's in such a glorious place
Walking along the streets of gold
Her face would shine, oh, so bold

Now she's gone, why did she leave
God's timing is best, we must believe
We must trust in God for taking her away
Don't get angry, I think Lora would say

She was so wonderful, how could I begin
To tell of the lives she touched within..
All the souls Lora influenced in a positive manner
Can only be numbered on a heavenly banner

She had a God-given talent to make us smile
And an angel voice that could range a mile
Lora Beth was a gift from above
And lived each day with unconditional love

She was gentle hearted to all she knew
And helped young kids as they grew
Her main goal was to serve the Lord
And greatly grow in His Word

How unfortunate to whom she never met
And those that did will never forget
If she could stay the more lives she could touch
But Jesus knew she'd already done so much

Depending on how we live our lives
We'll see her again in Paradise
I can't wait to see her gorgeous face
As I check in at the pearly gates.

Hey Sonray

Song & lyrics by Adam deWeber, fellow collegian

Hey, Sunray, come shine on this place.
Fill this room with a smile from your face.
There was so much planned, so much to do, far too much in store for you
To let this day be through, and slip away, Sunray.

Hey, Sunray, it's cloudy today.
The mercury's fallen down all the way.
There's so much to rejoice about, but I wish you could come back out
To dance with me and tell me it's okay, Sunray.

Hey, Sonray, I'm lonely tonight.
You left so soon, and it just don't seem right.
I'm so glad Jesus set you free, still I wish you were here with me.
I guess I'll see you when the Son comes out to stay, Sonray.

Hey, Sonray, come shine on this place.


Elissa Mogavero, (younger sister of fellow dorm-mate)

Your smile is gone, never to be seen.
You have gone away and left us here.
But we all know, and are rest assured,
That we will see thee once again,
Sitting on your Father's knee,
Singing songs of praise to Him.
I do not know when I will see thee again,
But I do know that it will be.
Definitely not today,
Maybe not tomorrow,
But when my Father comes for me,
I will see thee there,
Sitting on our Father's knee.
You see there,
Together we are, and together we shall be,
All because Jesus died for you and me.


Joe Kellogg, high school classmate

A last goodbye, to one who loved,
And loved to share her laughter.
A last goodbye, for one still mourned,
I'd written four days after.

A last goodbye, one more tear shed,
In a sea of weeping beauty.
A last goodbye, our seemings strange,
As if a G-d-given duty.

A last goodbye, our cries go out,
And mingle with the sadness.
A last goodbye, and as we gaze,
We feel a tinge of gladness.

A last goodbye, her mortal flesh,
Becomes one with the ground.
A last goodbye, her spirit soars,
High without a sound.

A last goodbye, with one small tear,
So soon to be erased?
The last goodbye, and there she goes,
Running to be embraced.

All You Have Touched

Jessi Karr, KANOBI-friend from Youth Group

Don't forget my name, or the memories we shared;
I won't forget your laughter, I won't forget you cared.
I'll remember all your sweetness, please never forget mine,
The times we had together, the memories so divine.
I love you so much, and all you had done for me,
The tear from my eye I know you now see.
Say hi to God; you're in heaven above..
What could be better, you're surrounded with love.
I can't wait till I see you, what a joy it will be;
That day I anticipate, the day I'll be free.
Remember always you're loved so very much!
You've poured out so much love,
There were many lives you had touched.

"Lora Beth" ~ To Us Her Name Means:

Eleanor & Raymond, fellow Christians from Internet



The Prayer of a Sick Man

Lora Hernandez
(Written for Dan Diehl, father of 3 of Lora's volleyball team-mates, who was dying of Lou Gehrig's disease. Lora also read this at his funeral.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
And if I die before it's light,
Please grant this prayer I pray tonight.
I pray a blessing on my kids' lives,
Please help them, Lord, through all times.
As they learn what's right and wrong,
In you I pray that they'll stay strong.
And when they have no where else to go,
When they're troubled and their heads hang low.
I pray that they'll remember you, O Lord,
And most of all, that they won't forget your Word.
In you, I pray, they will seek all things,
At night please let them dream good dreams.
Let your Word be the light unto their feet,
Let your arm be their guide up everything steep.
Let your words of wisdom lead them each day,
Let your footsteps in the sand show them the way.
And when they grow up and move away,
Please help them through life, day by day.
When they look into the sky each and every night,
Lord, let them see your shining light.
And every time they think of me,
My love to them, I pray, they'll see.
Cause now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
And if I die before it's light,
Please grant this prayer I prayed tonight.
Flower photographs by Kuni92 Used with permission from the artist