lora beth hernandez
Surviving the Loss of a Child
Our Lora Beth

I wouldn't even let Lora choose a college in Ohio, 2,000 miles from our home, without checking it out first! Yet now God expects me to trust her to some Unknown Country called Heaven? Do you have any clue what a giant leap of faith this is for me??

Yes, I trust God with MY life--but with my CHILD'S life? Of this I am not quite so certain. I admit this with some embarrassment, but frankly, it is a struggle--a stretch--for me to do so... and this from one who claims to have loved Him for almost 30 years!

And so began my odyssey into Scripture, writings of various theologians, and accounts of visions and near-death experiences of sincere Christians. I hope you'll join me in studying excerpts from some of these books on the following pages.