lora beth hernandez
Surviving the Loss of a Child
Our Lora Beth

Lora's College Years

Lora's college days at Westside Christian Academy.
  • Lora and Shannon Potts

    On their way to TP one of the boys' dorms!
  • Lora and friend.

    Lora with a college friend.
  • Abbie Hooper and Lora

    Lora and her roommate Abbie on their way to...
  • Jocks!

    Lora with a couple of "jock" friends
  • Lora and Lennie

    Lennie was a basketball player and ex-boyfriend
  • Crystal's Graduation

    May 9, 1999 in Tennessee following Crystal's...
  • Practicing her Solo

    Lora practicing her solo, "Jesus Lifted Me", with...
  • Collegians Chorale

    May 14, 1999 concert in which Lora has her solo
  • Concert in 1999

    Concert given at dinner for college alumni, May...
  • Lora & Kyle Tocheff

    Lora & Kyle Tocheff, friends through Collegians...
  • Lora and her Mother

  • Days before

    This photo was taken just days before Lora's...
  • Off to Class

    Amanda, Lora and Cara head out to class.
  • College Friends

    Lora, Amanda, Kim, and Cara
  • On-campus fun

    More fun at an on-campus event
  • On-campus party

    Friends at an on-campus party
  • SonFest Music Festival

    SonFest Music Festival on Mount Vernon Nazarene...
  • Lora at SonFest

    Lora with a friend at SonFest
  • Lora and Friend

    Lora with the gal who held the soprano spot in...
  • Assurance Quartet

    Lora auditioned for this group and won the alto...
  • Lora and Ryan Hofacre

    Lora with a very special young man, Ryan...
  • Lora and Ryan

  • Bible Study Group

    Thursday night student-led Bible study group...
  • Best Buddies

    May 20, 1999 - Lora and all her best college...
  • Collegians Chorale

    Lora singing in her Collegians Chorale
  • College Photo

    This photo was taken in the fall of 1998 during...