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Surviving the Loss of a Child
Our Lora Beth

Crystal's Wedding

Lora's older sister married James Butler on September 1, 2001 at Brentwood United Methodist Church in Tennessee. We hope you enjoy these moments from this joyous events.
  • Crystal w/Grandma & Grandpa

  • Crystal w/Nana & Grandpa

  • Wedding Announcment

  • Mother and Daughter

  • Melanie & Roger (groom's parents)

  • Melanie Kissing James (his mom)

  • James and his Uncle Jim

  • Rehearsal

  • Crystal and James

  • Rehearsal Dinner

  • Finishing Touches

  • Monkeying Around

  • The Groom

  • The Bride

  • Bridesmaids

  • Crystal and Father of the Bride

  • Crystal and Father of the Bride

  • The New Family

  • Giving Away the Bride

  • Crystal and Her New Inlaws

  • Crystal and Her Family

  • Off to a New Life!

  • Mugging with the Groomsmen

  • Cutting the Cake

  • Feeding the Cake to Each Other

  • Removing the Garter

  • Tears of Joy

  • Who Hid the Pinata?

  • May I cut In?